How to set up JAV PLEX Metadata agent

To prevent fraud and abuse, you must create an account on JPMagnet.
You need to install the JPMAG.NET agent on the server, go to the agent settings, and enter the registered ID and password to use it.
If you set as an agent and enter the video screen and use "Refresh All" or "Find Matches" of each video, the information of the video will be downloaded. Agent Download

How to install the agent

First, paste the downloaded agent bundle file into the plug-ins folder of the PLEX server and turn off and on the PLEX server.

If you normally paste the bundle file into the Plug-ins folder and turn it off and on, will be added to the agent setting menu of server management as shown below.

Then, click the gear on the right that appears, and you will be prompted to enter your email address and password. You must enter it correctly for it to work.

Now, go to the edit menu of the album you created yourself.

Click the Advanced tab and change the agent to and Enter Email and Password

After changing the file names of the videos I own to the file names recommended by and adding them to the album,
Find a match or refresh will allow you to fully fetch information from the video.

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